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T. 22, S. 3 (2005) The Effects of Palmvitee on Human Nasal Septal Chondrocytes Culture Expansion and Cartilage Reconstruction Tóm tắt
BHI Ruszymah, KH Chua, AL Mazlyzam, BS Aminuddin, A Gapor, H Fuzina
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) Medium Optimization for the Production of Biomass by Cunninghamella sp. 2A1 using Response Surface Methodology Tóm tắt
Siti Aminah Sulaiman, Aidil Abdul Hamid, Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) Microbial Degradation of Endosulfan in Agricultural Soils Tóm tắt
BS Ismail, UB Cheah, KY Lum, Zulkifli Malik
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) On the Dense Families in the Relational Datamodel Tóm tắt
Thi Duc Vu, Son Hoang Nguyen
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) Spot Welding Copper - 1% Cr Electrode Tips Produced via Equal Channel Angular Pressing Tóm tắt
LB Hussain, Ali A Aljuboury, MAM Gebril, Nurulakmal Moh Sharif
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) Water-soluble N-substituted Chitosan Derivative Tóm tắt
Le Dung, DT Thien, NT Dong, TTY Nhi, NT An, M Rinaudo, M Milas
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) Study on Moisture-Cured Polyurethane as Undercoating Layer for Metallization Tóm tắt
MN Mohamad Ibrahim, ME Izat, AR Wahida, CS Sipaut
T. 22, S. 3 (2005) Development of Hole Recognition System from Step File Tóm tắt
CF Tan, N Ismail, SV Wong, S Sulaiman, Mr Osman
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) Marine Natural Products and Their Potential Application in the Future Tóm tắt
Minh Van Chau, Kiem Van Phan, Dang Hai Nguyen
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) A Comparison of the Push and Pull Production Systems at their Optimal Designs Under the Economic Consideration Tóm tắt
N Chiadamrong, P Kohly
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) Black and White Lahar as Inorganic Support for the Immobilization of Yeast Invertase Tóm tắt
Veronica C Sabularse, Mayrene T Tud, Marivic S Lacsamana, Josefina L Solivas
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) Recycled PET for Rice Husk/Polyester Composites Tóm tắt
I Ahmad, DR Abu Baker, SN Mokhilas, A Ramli
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) Photocatalytic Removal of Tri- and Hexa-Valent Chromium Ions from Chrome-Electroplating Wastewater Tóm tắt
Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul, Chulaluck Changul
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) Suitability of Sago Starch Blended with Acrylamide as an Additive on Handsheets Made from Recycled Pulp Fibers Tóm tắt
Wong Sin Yeng, Paridah Md. Tahir, Liew Kang Chiang
T. 22, S. 4 (2005) Studies on Fucoidan and its Production from Vietnamese Brown Seaweeds Tóm tắt
Ly Minh Bui, Buu Quoc Ngo, Nhut Duy Nguyen, Thinh Duc Pham, Van Thi Thanh Tran
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Hedge Algebras: An Algebraic Approach to Domains of Linguistic Variables and their Applicability Tóm tắt
NC Ho, VN Lan
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Quarry Evaluation and Control of Bench Blasting Tóm tắt
Sanga Tangchawal
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Equation of State and Thermodynamic Properties of BCC Metals Tóm tắt
Hung Van Vu, NT Hoa, Jaichan Lee
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Effect of Gender on Human Performance under the Impact of a Polluted Mobile Human-Computer-Interaction Environment Tóm tắt
Zulquernain Mallick, MM Hasan, Zahid A Khan, Arshad N Siddiquee
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Swirling Flows through an Abrupt Expansion Tube Tóm tắt
S Eiamsa-ard, P Promvonge
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Effect of the Reciprocating Mass of Slider-Crank Mechanism on Torsional Vibrations of Diesel Engine Systems Tóm tắt
MS Pasricha, FM Hashim
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Fine Time Synchronization Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM Tóm tắt
Ky Hong Pham
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Creep Analysis of Bimaterial Microcantilever Beam for Sensing Device using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Tóm tắt
WaiChi Wong, Hing Wah Lee, Ishak A Azid, KN Seetharamu
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) Characterisation of Multicrystalline Solar Cells Tóm tắt
AQ Malik, Chong Chew Hah, Chan Siang Khwang, Lim Chee Ming, Tan Kha Sheng
T. 23, S. 1 (2006) On a solution to Improve the Object Detection Ability of Radars by Dynamic Polarization Method Tóm tắt
An Quoc Nguyen
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